Why Us?

Stella Learning Center, Inc. (SLC) is the first Autism and related disorders learning center in the Tri-Parish area.  Related disorders include Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, Downs Syndrome, learning disabilities and cognitive disabilities. SLC offers teaching behavior systematically in a highly structured environment utilizing intensive interventions. All pupils receive an individualized curriculum that includes educationally and socially significant instructional goals delivered by a highly qualified teaching team. Our program includes, but is not limited to, the following areas: Academic Literacy (Academic Equivalence & Communication), Community of Reinforcers, Self-Management (School Sufficiency & Social Repertoire), and Physical Development (Small & Large Muscle). Adaptation of materials and instructional methods are used to meet individual needs. Data are collected and graphed daily on the continuous measurements of teaching and student responses. Scientifically tested tactics are used for instructional decision-making. A positive teaching environment, as well as family involvement is encouraged.

Throughout many years of practice, we’ve developed many techniques for increasing useful behaviors and reducing those that may cause harm or interfere with learning. One of SLC’s main goals is to bring about meaningful and positive changes in behavior.